Is Nintendo good for the brain?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Well not really. In the booklet it says "Take a 15 minute break every hour." Who knows maybe thinking games or math games are good. But still take my advice

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Q: Is Nintendo good for the brain?
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Why is the Nintendo good for your health?

It's not. But it can be good for your brain if you buy games like Brain Training.

What are good brain teaser games?

There are several brain training games you can buy for the nintendo ds or another popular-non computer game is sudoku which has been shown to keep the brain active and sharp.

Its the game brain academy for the Nintendo ds good for children to learn math and improve their brain?

Yes it is, and it is also really fun. It has challenges that im sure children will enjoy.

How to improve a student with low IQ?

brain training.. Nintendo ds does a game like that, it is really good, there are also book with logic problems in them.. great fun and gives the brain a workout

What is exercise for your brain?

try the new brain training from Nintendo it is by an old man who has the brain of a 20 year old.

Does Nintendo ds have memory games for adults?

Try Brain Age or Big Brain Academy...


Nintendo is a good console

Who Was Nintendo developed for?

For everyone but brain training was apparently made by scientist

When was Big Brain Academy released for the Nintendo DS?

Big Brain Academy was released for the Nintendo DS on June 5, 2006. A lot of people liked this "game" as they felt it challenged them in a lot of different ways.

How do you get tokens in brain drain in Goosebumps Horrorland Nintendo DS?

just aim at it and fire

What are the prelaoded games in the Nintendo DSi XL?

2 Brain age games and a photo clock.

How do you do Triangle Math on Brain Age for the Nintendo DS?

I dont get it????????????????????????? hey i dont see the answer anywhere