Is Minecraft legit

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, it is a 100% legitimate game, and if it was a scheme then it'd be the most elaborate, huge scheme I have ever seen.

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Q: Is Minecraft legit
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Is Minecraft a con?

Minecraft is not a con. It is completely legit. I bought Minecraft myself.

Is a Minecraft 1.4.7 server free?

As long as you have a legit, paid version of Minecraft, joining and hosting a server is 100% free.

How do you brew the bottle o enchanting in minecraft?

In vanilla survival, you can not brew the bottles. The only way to get them legit is to trade with a villager.

Can you use the same minecraft account on multiplayer without messing up the account?

A legit premium account can be used for both Singleplayer and Multiplayer.

Can you fly on xbox 360 Minecraft?

either start up a new world or in the settings of the old world change it to creative mode, this is the only legit way to fly in minecraft 360 edition.

Is tekkit free download?

INDUBITABLY! I have had Tekkit for a few months, and its awesome and legit. PS- Look for servers by searching- Tekkit Servers in Google

Is Minecraft spam?

Not at all. Anyone who says it is probably hasn't played the game. If you look up the official website (related links) you'll see that they're legit. They have the pocket edition in the app store, on the PC, and they're coming soon to XBOX 360! Therefore Minecraft isn't spam.

Is Brianna Dawn Ballantyne legit?

yes ! so very legit , too legit to quit

Is MyVideoTalk legit or scam?

My Video Talk is a legit business. You can make money in this quite legit.

What is a legit agent?

A Legit Agent specializes in representing an actor for Legit Theatre, primarily Broadway

Is a scam or legit?

Seems legit.

Is legit?

Not legit don't mess with it