Is Mewtwo good or evil or just confused?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Mewtwo is good at first and becomes evil from the influence of team rocket and is also confused because he can't find his place in the world.

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Q: Is Mewtwo good or evil or just confused?
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Is Mewtwo from Pokemon Evil?

No, he is just misunderstood. Long story.

Is holleyleaf officially evil?

no, she was just confused. her whole life was the warrior code and her birth broke it.

Is mew good or bad or just confused?

mew is good Pokemon

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Can you hatch a mew from Mewtwo?

no it is not possible the only way to even get an egg from mewtwo is by using a cheat code and even then it will just be a mewtwo

In Pokemon platinum does mew evolve into Mewtwo?

No, Mew NEVER evolves into Mewtwo, Mewtwo is just a man made clone of Mew.

Can mew and Mewtwo breed?

Mew and Mewtwo cannot breed because they are both legendary. Mewtwo is just a failed clone of the original Mew.

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