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No, Mew NEVER evolves into Mewtwo, Mewtwo is just a man made clone of Mew.

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Q: In Pokemon platinum does mew evolve into Mewtwo?
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How do you find Mewtwo in Pokemon platinum?

caugth the mew and give it to evolve,than it will be mewtwo...

How do you evolve mew to Mewtwo in Pokemon diamond?

you can't Mew and Mewtwo are two completely different pokemon. Mewtwo is accually a clone of the original Mew. So... no, you can't evolve Mew into Mewtwo.

How do you evolve mew in Pokemon emerald?

Mew does not evolve, Mewtwo is a completely different pokemon.

In Pokemon can mew evolve into Mewtwo?

No. Neither of the Pokemon evolve.

Mew evolve to Mewtwo?

Mew dos'nt evolve into Mewtwo because the're two different pokemon.

Can Mew evolve into Mewtwo in any Pokemon game?

No. Mewtwo is a clone of Mew; not an evolution.

In Pokemon Red does a mew evolve?

MEW DOES NOT EVOLVE INTO ANY POKEMON INCLUDING MEWTWO he gave live birth to mewtwo (or as the anime series says, he was the base of the cloned mewtwo

Does mew evolve on SoulSilver?

No mew and mewtwo are two different pokemon.

Does mew or Mewtwo evolve?

No, Mew and Mewtwo do not evolve.

Does mew evovle into Mewtwo?

No. Mew and Mewtwo are two diffrent Pokemon. Mewtwo was created from Mews DNA. So Mew doesn't evolve into him.

Can evolve mew using batteling?

mew does not evolve! Sorry! mewtwo is a totally different pokemon!

How do you evolve mew in Pokemon diamond?

Mew doesn't evolve. You either have a mew or a mewtwo, neither evolve from the other plain and simple.