Is Mew a Pokegod

Updated: 4/28/2022
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As a matter of fact, yes. Mew IS a Pokegod. In fact, it may be the only Pokemon you can actually catch without cheating. To get a Pokemon Red and Blue GameShark code for getting Mew and other Pokegods, please visit

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Q: Is Mew a Pokegod
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How do you get a pokegod?

You can't. Pokegods does not exist.

How do you get the Beepin PokeGod in Pokemon Yellow with out gameshark or any cheat device?

No such thing. All Pokegod rumors are fake. EDIT: Also, you can get some, but it requires Game shark and it could possible cause your game to be inoperable. NOT RECOMMENDED.

How do you get the Beepin PokeGod in Pokemon Yellow?

same as red and blue ------- There's no such thing as Beepin.

Can a flareon evolve?

no but people used to think it could evolve into a pokegod in red & blue but that was proven false

Who is the prettiest mew mew?

Renee ( Mew Mew Power ) or Zakuro ( Tokyo Mew Mew ) and Zoey ( Mew Mew Power ) or Ichigo ( Tokyo Mew Mew )

What is a Charcolt?

A Charcolt is a special Pokegod that is the final evolution of Charizard. Once you give your Charizard a special stone (not so sure what the stone is called. Sorry!), it will become a Charcolt. Another Charizard based Pokegod is Skelozard. To see Pokemon Red and Blue Gameshark codes for some Pokegods, visit =D

Did Mew Mew Berry appear in Tokyo Mew Mew?

In the manga she's in the next series Tokyo Mew Mew a la mode ~ Mew Mew Berry? No, she didn't. There's Mew Ichigo, Mew Mint, Mew Lettuce, Mew Pudding and Mew Zakuro

Who are the Pokegods and has anybody caught them?

The Pokegods are fabled new Pokemon or evoloutions of Pokemon who are immortal and unstoppable. Some of them include Doomsday (a dead, dream Pokemon like Darkrai), Icemen (not sure if It's a Pokegod, but it should be. It is a Mew made out of ice.), Anthrax, Alenkar (a dead Alakazam.), Pikabud (a green, fat Pikachu.), Foresaur (a modified Venasaur.), and Charcolt (the final evoloution of Charizard.)

What are the power names for the mew mew power?

Mew zoey Mew corina Mew Bridgette Mew Kiki Mew renee

In mew mew power is their a sixth you mew?

there is mew berry and mew ringo.

What is the name of the seventh mew from mew mew power?

There is no 7th mew mew.

How old is Corina in Mew mew power?

11 tokyo mew mew 14 mew mew power