Can you get a shiny mew?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes you can but you have to clone a mew

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Q: Can you get a shiny mew?
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Who to get a mew shiny?

a mew is already shiny

What colour is shiny mew?

The shiny mew color is blue

How do you get a blue mew on Pokemon?

blue mew is a shiny version of mew so you have to be very lucky to catch a shiny Pokemon let alone a shiny mew

Mew shiny non shiny for trade?

anything will be traded for a mew shiny non shiny i would prefer regular mew but if your willing a shiny its ok too!my friend code is i don't know what it is right now but when i find my platinum ill post the code

Is there a shiny mew?

Yes, there is a Shiny Mew but a Mew can only be generated as a Shiny in Pokémon Emerald due to it being found as an in-game Pokémon there on Faraway Island however only Japanese Mew are legit ones snce Nintendo never distributed the ticket to allow legit access to Faraway Island to Emerald gamers outside of Japan.

How do you know a Pokemon is shiny?

To tell a shiny from a normal well... first a shiny will have a sparkle in battle and it is a brighter different colour then the original pokemon Example mew is pink shiny mew is blue.

What color is shiny mew?


How do you get shiny mew in Pokemon planuim?

you have to have cheats there is no way to get shiney mew in platinum

What does shiny MEW look like?

It looks like Mew, only blue.

How can you get a shiny mew on Pokemon SoulSilver?

You cant, unless you have a action reply chip. So get some money and buy it. You can get shinies in Soul Silver. Just not Mew. ( Excluding the Mew event, which you'd have to be REALLY lucky to get a shiny Mew there.)

How do you get a shiny mew on Pokemon pearl?


How do you catch a shiny mew on poke platinum I will trade MY mew lv40 for it?

action replay