Is Lunatone a legendary Pokemon

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no but it is rare

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Q: Is Lunatone a legendary Pokemon
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What Pokemon cannot breed?

no legendary Pokemon can breed. solrock or lunatone cannot breed either. that's all i know of but there is probably more

What type of Pokemon is lunatone?

Lunatone is a Rock and Psychic type pokemon.

Pokemon sapphire what does lunatone evolve to?

Lunatone doesn't evolve.

Besides with Pokemon Sapphire inserted where can you catch Lunatone in Pokemon diamond?

you CANNOT get Lunatone without inserting Pokemon sapphire in ds

What area do you find lunatone in Pokemon Ruby?

Lunatone is not found in Pokemon Ruby but it is found in Pokemon Sapphire. There simple done and done... XD

What is the weakness for solrock and lunatone in Pokemon indigo?

for solrock, it is water. for lunatone it is electric. -RR14

How do you catch Lunatone in Pokemon Emerald?

You can onl catch LUNATONE in SAPPHIRE but you can catch solrock in emerald

How do you get lunatone on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Be more specific.

Where do you find lunatone on Pokemon crystal version GBC?

Lunatone? You can't get it anywhere, and you can't trade it into Crystal.

What is the national pokedex number for Lunatone?

Lunatone is #337 in the national pokedex, and it is a Rock-Psychic type Pokemon.

How do you get lunatone on pokemon sapphire?

You have to find it in Meteor Falls.

What Pokemon do the mossdeep gym leaders have?

Tate and Liza have on Ruby and Sapphire: Solrock Lunatone On Emerald they have: Claydol Xatu Lunatone Solrock