Is Kirby a girl

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No. Kirby is referred to as male in his games and on the Smash Bros. Dojo website.

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Q: Is Kirby a girl
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What country did the name Kirby come from?

kirby came from a video game and a girl with the last name kirby like megan kirby

Is spinni of Kirby squeak squad a boy or a girl?

it's a girl in japanese version of Kirby squeak squad. in Kirby mass attack, it is as a boy revealed by Daroach.

Is Jordan Kirby a girl?

Yes he is

Is Kirby a boy or girls?

Kirby is a Kirby. This species is sexless

Is birdon from Kirby a boy or girl?

A boy

What is Kirby a boy or girl?

Kirby is a guy. Don't worry I got shocked at first too.

Is the video game character named Kirby a boy or a girl?

I read on the back of a Kirby video game cover that Kirby was a boy. Although, I guess there isn't any real proof.

Is Landia from Kirby's Return to Dreamland a boy or girl?

A girl because it ends with an a and sounds like a girl

Is Kirby a male or female?

I know what gender Kirby is. Kirby is Female, because she is pink and has a high-pitched voice and in one of the episodes Kirby dresses up with the friend that's a girl. she still is a girl because when she fights she does it Dirty and when she sucks in an enemy, she wears a female/male-type costume which means she is a cross dresser. The light high pitched tone is so obvious "and girly" that can explain why she has empathy towards Meta Knight. ^^^Have you watched the intro of the anime? Let me rephrase the first two lines of the intro. "Kirby,Kirby,Kirby, it's the name you should know. Kirby,Kirby,Kirby, HE'S the star of the show." Also, pink doesn't mean he's a female.

Kirby boy or girl?

It is Genderless, even though most people call it a 'He'.

Which of the less famous video game franchises do you prefer. Touhou or Kirby?

Kirby is the lest famous but i prefer Kirby. i don't know why but i just do. its great to me. i know its weird for a girl to like boy games, but not for a tomboy like me.

Is keeby a boy or a girl?

Keeby is typically portrayed as male in the Kirby video game series.