Is Jinzo banned in duels

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No, Jinzo has never been banned.

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Q: Is Jinzo banned in duels
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Can you register jinzo in Yu-Gi-Oh gx spirit caller?

No, you cannot register anyone who duels in a shadow game, apart from banner, abidos, don zaloog, brier and beauregard.

How much is Jinzo usually worth?

jinzo 7$

Can you still play with banned Yu-Gi-Oh cards?

yes you can you just cant use them in official duels(such as tournaments) only in street duels were you wont get kicked out or lose right away because of a banned card, i dont play in tournaments cuz half my deck is illegal

What deck does Jinzo come in?

Jinzo does not come in any premade decks.

Does Skill Drain Work On Jinzo?

It depends on which is played first if u played skill drain before jinzo then jinzo cant negate traps but you cant activate skill drain after jinzo is summoned.

Can you summon Jinzo Lord from deck?

No, Jinzo Lord can only be summoned from hand, using the method on the card.

Can you mirror force work on jinzo?

Jinzo's effect says no traps can be activated, so under normal circumstances, you cannot use Mirror Force at all when Jinzo is face-up on the field.

What is the code for jinzo?


Is there a cheat in duels?

there are no cheats on duels.

Can Skill Drain nullify Jinzo's effect in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Yes and no. If Skill Drain is already active, then if Jinzo is summoned, his continuous effect is never applied. He will be negated. But if Jinzo is already face-up on the field, you can't even activate Skill Drain.Because Jinzo's effect is continuous, you can't wait until a player says they wish to summon Jinzo, and then try to activate Skill Drain. Jinzo will be summoned and be negating traps before your next opportunity to activate Skill Drain.

Can you use 'Call of the Haunted' to summon 'Jinzo'?

Yes, you can. His trap negation and trap activation prevention effects only apply when he is on the field. So Call of the Haunted can be activated and target him. When it special summons Jinzo, Jinzo's effect will then negate Call of the Haunted. This does not destroy Jinzo though, and when Call is destroyed, Jinzo will remain on the field because he's negating Call's effect to destroy the monster it summons.

How much is jinzo worth?

Jinzo (secret) is worth at least 7$ to 10$ depends on the condition. If its damage its worth 2$.