Is Infernape a good Pokemon

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes he is very good.

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Q: Is Infernape a good Pokemon
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What type of Pokemon is infernape?

Infernape is a Fire and Fighting type pokemon.

Is this a good Pokemon pearl team for story Infernape roserade floatzel drapion mismagius Garchomp?

Yes, Infernape, Roserade, Floatzel, Drapion, Mismagius, and Garchomp make a good Pokemon team for Pearl.

What Pokemon can fall in love with Infernape on Pokemon platinum?

Any Pokemon can if it is the opposite gender than your Infernape.

Who is a better Pokemon infernape or gachomp?

im guessing infernape cause infernape is a starter

When does infernape evolve into shiny infernape?

If your Infernape is not shiny to begin with, it will not evolve into a shiny Pokemon.

What is a good fire type Pokemon in Pokemon platinum excpet chimchar?

Magmar, Monferno, Moltres and Infernape are good fire-types.

Where is a Infernape in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Infernape does not exist in Pokemon LeafGreen. Infernape didn't exist until Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, which was released after LeafGreen.

Were can you find Infernape in emerald?

You cannot find an infernape in Pokemon emerald for that Pokemon you need Pokemon platinum, pearl or diamond.

Is this a good team Feraligatr Infernape Venusaur Nidoking and Dragonite All lvl 100?

Your Pokemon seem good. But why only have 5 Pokemon on your team?

What is a good Pokemon Combo to beat the Elite Four in Pokemon Diamond?

A good team combo would be: torterra, infernape, empoleon, dialga, drapion, and staraptor. If you cant do that then do: Golduck, Infernape, Cacturne, Dialga, Vespiquen, and Staraptor. HOPE THIS HELPS! :D

Is this a good Pokemon team on pearl Infernape Luxary Gyrados Staraptor Roserade Lucario?

yes its a good team

Where can you face a infernape in Pokemon Diamond?

if you choose the grass starter then your rival will have an infernape or when you go to the Pokemon league , the 3rd elite four is a fire type user . he will have an infernape.