Is Herobrine real in Minecraft

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Herobrine never existed.

It was a hoax by a popular multiplayer server that went viral on YouTube. The server claimed that Herobrine was the representation of Notch's dead brother.

This deeply infuriated Notch, who threatened to block the accounts of those responsible for the rumours, because Notch does not have a brother, dead or alive. The videos were removed from Youtube following Notch's warning and a Twitter post went up from Notch dismissing the rumours of a dead brother and denying that Herobrine exists.

You'll see "removed Herobrine" from the changelogs in recent updates. This is basically Notch and Jebs way of trying to get people to shut up about the fictional and unwelcome hoax-created character.

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Nobody is sure. But he's always watching........

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Q: Is Herobrine real in Minecraft
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Is herobrine real and if he is what do you do if he finds you?

No, Herobrine is not real he is a fictional character in the game Minecraft. No worries on him finding you.

Is Herobrine in Minecraft really real?


Is there a herobrine in Minecraft xbox360?

Herobrine is not real and has never been real in any edition of Minecraft, or in any version of any edition. Anyone that tells you he is real is lying, and Notch did confirm that in a certain tweet on his Twitter, which you may find quoted on the Herobrine page on the Minecraft Wiki.

Why does herobrine kill people on minecraft?

Herobrine isn't real.

Do you have to worry about herobrine in Minecraft?

No. There is no Herobrine in Minecraft.

Is herobine bad in reallife from Minecraft?

Herobrine Isn't real as such. He can be added manually to Minecraft by use of the Herobrine Mod. The Minecraft update log shows that they removed Herobrine every update as a sort of inside joke that no one understands.

Did notch remove herobrine for Minecraft PS3?

"No he did not Create herobrine and plus can i tell you something? There IS NO HEROBRINE!That's right! Herobrine is not real hes just a mod." up there is not my answer by catscr123 now my answer is that there was herobrine u can see it on minecraft "Removed all ghost entitles under lord herobrine." u can see it on the discription of the introduction of minecraft beta 1.2.5.

Is herobrine in minecraft pe?

no herobrine is not real if you see it it is fake!

Did 4J Studios Remove Herobrine From Minecraft?

Herobrine was never in Minecraft.

What is herobrain Minecraft?

*Herobrine* is a rumor that has been going around for a long time. Herobrine is supposedly Markus Perrson's (original creator of Minecraft) dead brother and his spirit haunts Minecraft.

Did they really remove Herobrine for Minecraft?

Herobrine was never in Minecraft. It was just a joke from Notch. He never had a brother named Herobrine.

How do you hunt down Herobrine in Minecraft?

Herobrine is not real only mods can put him in. if you want him download a mod other wise dont bother!