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No they are made by different gaming companies

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Q: Is Hamsters life 2 the same as Pet hamsters 2?
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In Petz Hamsterz Life 2 How do you get Pregnant?

First, you need a boy and a girl hamster, both same kind of breed. Then, you put them both in the same cage. You will see a button somewhere on the screen which has 2 hamsters and a heart in the middle of it; that button indicates that your gonna partner up your hamsters. Use your stylus to press the button and now your hamsters are like boyfriend and girlfriend! You have to wait a few weeks for your hamster to grow up to become an adult though. And when its pregnant you will know when you visit the pet store.

In Hamsterz Life 2 for the ds how long does it take to get ur hamsterz pregnant and how do you know when the partners get along?

In Petz Hamsterz Life 2, your hamster has to be at least 21 days owned to have a baby, but it may take longer if they are not together often. So I recommend night before you go to bed, plug you charger into your ds and put the 2 partnered hamsters in the same cage and leave it on the whole night. That way they can have some time with each other and become pregnant faster. When you partners get along they will jump on top of each other and you will get five hundred more stars! Hope this helped Aubree Fixed by: hamster named SMOKEYOk Aubree you forgot some stuff and mixed some stuff up! Sorry!Ok first you can mate when you have a girl and boy. They will not have babies till they are 21 days old(3 weeks) So leave it on over night and leave them together and you will earn lots of stars! I earned 80,000 in one night! Ok after 21 days go to the pet shop owners and talk to them and one will say your hamsters grew up! Then leave them together for a little while and then when you talk to the owner again he will say she is pregnaut. It will take a few days till her has them then you will be a proud owner of babies or a baby! Get breeding and you will unlcok new breeds!FROM: Hamster named SMOKEYI wanna know if skipping days on the hamsters game by changing the day works Please tell me?

Can you bring a dead pet back to life?

on gamecube yes just splash a bucket of water on it

How many pets can you get in runescape?

You can have as many pets as you want, but you can only have one pet out at the same time ;)

Were is the pet pet emporium on pet pet park?

it is at the market lane and market lane is below the pet pet park square

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What type of bedding do dwarf hamsters need?

dwarf hamsters need the same bedding as normal hamsters which is straw or shavings which you can get in a pet shop.

If one sixth of the children have pet hamsters and one third of the children have pet fish and there are thirty children how many children have pet hamsters?

5. Hamsters are better no no children are

Are hamsters a boring pet?

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Do hamsters hibernate and how?

No, pet hamsters don't hibernate, only wild ones.

Ware do you buy by dwarf hamsters?

You can buy dwarf hamsters at Pet Smart.

Are hamsters the best pet ever?

No gerbils are!! Though hamsters are quite cute!

How do you get 20000 stars on hamsters life 2?

just pet and play with your hamster

How do you get your hamsters pregnant on hamsters ds?

keep putting her and the male in the same cage and then go to the pet shop and go on chat with the shopkeepers and they will tell you if she is pregnant

Do hamsters like room mates?

if your hamsters are two boys and you got them from the same pet store in the the same cage then it would be ok but that's probably the only time it would be. if it was a boy and a girl it would be ok to but then you would have baby hamsters.

Who will take baby hamsters?

Pet stores and friends could take baby hamsters.

Do pet hamsters need licenses?

No, they do not.

Are pet hamsters nocturnal?