Is God of War 2 on xbox?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Unfortunatly, God of War is a Sony PlayStation Exclusive, Just as Fable/Halo/Left 4 Day is to Microsoft... Perhaps one day Microsoft will get there mits on it, But until then, I'm afraid not.

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Q: Is God of War 2 on xbox?
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Is 'God of War' coming to XBOX 360?

god of war is a sony entertainment product..... there are no chances that god of war will come on Xbox .....!! as sony will make its own profit not the profit of Microsoft company..... although mass effect 2, which was originally for the xbox is now coming to the ps3 in January.

Is there a god of war for xbox?


God of war 3 is for Xbox 360?


Is gears of war 2 for the wii?

Gears of War 2, as of now, is a Xbox 360 exclusive.The gears series is published by Microsoft game studios. So it'll never be on nothing but xbox consoles. Thank god. :)

How do you download god of war for PC for free from net?

Are u serious? God of War is a Playstation exclusive. God of War 1 and 2 on Ps2. God of War 3 on Ps3, Ghost of Sparta and (i can't think of the name) on Psp. It will never be on PC, or Mac, or Wii, or Xbox

Have God of War release in xbox?

It is only a PlayStation exclusive

God of war 3 release date in xbox 360?

yes there are chances because at end of gow3 kratos body is moved as a trial of his suvival

Is there going to be a Gladius 2 for the Xbox 360?

Very sadly there will not be. Altough gladius does run on xbox 360 so you can still play that, but i know it gets borig after the 15th time through

Is God of war 2 will be released on ps3?

No, but a God of War Collection for PS3 was released on November 17 2009 and should include God of War and God of War 2

What God of war 2 password?

i dont know i dont have a friend to help me

Can you play 2 player on Xbox live on gears of war 2?

Yes, you can play cooperatively with a buddy over Xbox live, or on the same Xbox.

How do you download gears of war 2 for PC?

Gears of War 2 is an Xbox exclusive game