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THERE ARE NO CHEATS for God of War 1 or 2!!!

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Q: How do you work cheats for God of War 1 for ps2?
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Any cheat codes for gladius for PS2?

THERE are NO cheats for GOD OF WAR on the PS2.

How do you get cheats from god of war?

i found some Easter egg's secrets and glitches but no cheats:(

Why doesnt God of war work on ps2?

Your game could be broken or it should work

Where do you enter the cheats for Call of Duty World at War Final Fronts for ps2?

what cheats, the game for the PS2 is different from Call of Duty World at War

Is god of war 4 on ps2?

No There is not a God of War 4 and God of War 3 was not made in a PS2 version

Are there cheats for Free Running PS2 game?

there is cheats but they don't work

WHEN God of War 3 come out for PS2?

God of War III will not be out on the PS2 it is only for the PS3.

Convert God of War 3 into ps2?

Games are not converted and must be developed . Sony had to develop new game versions to allow the old PS2 gods of War to work on the PS3 and they can not make the God of War 3 for the PS2 without downgrading the game

When god of war chains of Olympus will be on ps2?

They skipped PS2 and made a Collector edition for PS3

War of the monsters ps2 cheats?

there is no cheats for war of the monsters. well there is a cheat in Monster Hunter PS2 infact that is my favorite game. but you heve to buy the cheat CD named AR max 200.000

Who is the god of war on ps2?


What is god war?

god of war is a game [on ps2] for a cursed warrior,kratos the ghost of Sparta god of war is a game [on ps2] for a cursed warrior,kratos the ghost of Sparta