Is Gligar rare In Pokemon Platinum?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no its in between. 61 pecent rare 49 pecent normal.

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Q: Is Gligar rare In Pokemon Platinum?
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Is gligar rare?

Gligar is rare in dimond and pearl but not in Platinum Gligar but you have to use a heavy ball.

What does razor claw do in Pokemon platinum?

it can evolve gligar into gliscor if u give it to the gligar and use a rare candy. you can find a gligar in rout 206 from orenburg city lavitar is also located there ^^

When does gligar evolve in Pokemon sapphire?

Gligar will only evolve in diamond, pearl and platinum.

Where do you find Gligar in Pokemon Pearl?

You find Gligar in Pokemon Platinum at Route 206. You can't FIND IT IN PEARL.

When does gligar evolve in Pokemon Crystal?

Unfortunately Gligar does not evolve in Pokemon Crystal, it only evolves in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Black and White.

How do you catch a gligar?

in Pokemon platinum under cycle road

How do you get gligar?

in Pokemon platinum version it is under the cycle road

What comes before gligar on the Pokemon platinum pokedex?

Rotom does.

How do you get gligar on Pokemon emerald?

Gligar is a rare PokeMon found in the Safari Zone in Emerald Version. You should go deep into the expanded region of the Zone to catch a Gligar.

Where to get gligar in Pokemon platinum?

Next to the Cycling Road STUPID IDIOT!!!

Where cam you find gligar in Pokemon platinum?

You can find it at Route 206.

Where are some cool Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

Gligar, Gibble, Luxray, and Dragonite are cool in my opinion.