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With Pokemon Emerald inserted, you can find Gligar in Route 206, 207, 214, 215, 227, and in Stark Mountain. It's easier to trade for it from Pokemon Platinum, for it doesn't require Pokemon Emerald to find Gligar in the wild.

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Q: How do you find gligar in Pokemon pearl?
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Where do you find Gligar in Pokemon Pearl?

You find Gligar in Pokemon Platinum at Route 206. You can't FIND IT IN PEARL.

Where do you catch gligar on Pokemon Pearl?

you will need poke-radar and go to route 209. then you will find a gligar. to involve it give it razor fang.

When does gligar evolve in Pokemon sapphire?

Gligar will only evolve in diamond, pearl and platinum.

How do you get gligar pearl?

If you have a copy of Pokemon Emerald you are able to catch Gligar in Pokemon Pearl. By having a copy of Pokemon Emerald in the GBA slot of the DS the Pokemon Gligar will start to appear in Routes 206, 207, 214, 215, 227 and at Stark Mountain.

How do you get gligar in Pokemon Pearl?

You need to Dongle from Pokemon Emerald Version.

When does gligar evolve in Pokemon Crystal?

Unfortunately Gligar does not evolve in Pokemon Crystal, it only evolves in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Black and White.

How do you evolve gligar in Pokemon pearl?

you can evolve gligar into gliscor by giving gligar a razor fang and levelling it up at night, you can buy the razor fang at the battle tower or you can find it somewhere outside the battle tower.

Can you find gligar on Pokemon pearl?

Gligar is in the grass near cycling road if you insert Pokemon Emerald. In Platinum, the dongle feature is not nessecary.

How does gligar evolve on Pokemon pearl?

The way to evolve gligar is to train him/her. I can't remember which stone makes him/her evolv

How do you get a gligar on Pokemon pearl?

You go to route 214, find a patch of grass, and use your poke radar. (Its very rare)

Can you catch a gligar in Pokemon pearl?

The best way is to catch Gligar on Route 206 in Platinum then trade back to Pearl. Did that help? (Oh, and Gligar can be found on Route 206 in Pearl, but are rarer and recquire a certain method using the National Dex, not sure what...)

How do get gligar?

you can only get gligar in diamond/pearl by putting Pokemon emerald in the GBA slot then going to Stark Mt., but you cant do this if you have a DSi...