Is Crysis 2 a free roam?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It's more of a controlled roam. There's lots of paths, but they all lead to the objective point. Also, if you stray off too far, a box will pop up warning you to get back in the "battle zone" or be killed.

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Q: Is Crysis 2 a free roam?
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What's better Crysis or red faction guerrilla in PC?

I think that red faction guerrilla is better cause its free roam and there are lots of weapons and upgrades.

How many Crysis games are their?

there are 3.. crysis crysis warhead crysis 2

Can you free roam on cars 2?


Can you free roam on The Sims 2?

You can not free roam on the sims 2. Well you have to be on a lot like a house or some kind of property but you may roam on the sims 3 where ever you want unlike the sims 2.

Is Crysis 2 actually real?

Crysis 2 exist and is in development at Crytek. The entire story of Crysis 2 is fictional.

Is crysis 3 a sequel or prequel to crysis 2?

crysis 3 is a actually sequel to crysis 2 at the end of crysis 2 alcatraz gained prophet's memories so in crysis 3 its actually alcatraz's body but prophet's memories and together with alcatraz's memories

Does Just Cause 2 have free roam?

Once you have completed the first 2 missions on Just Cause 2, you can do what you want. So yes, Just Cause 2 does have free roam.

Will there be a second crysis?

Yes, Crysis 2 was released in 2011. A third Crysis will be released in 2013.

Is that Crysis warhead and crysis 2 is same game?

No. Crysis warhead is just a parallel story to the first game. And crysis 2 ain't even out yet! It comes out this holiday(2010).

Is crysis on xbox360?

No, sorry it isn't it is only on PC but crysis 2 is on Xbox 360 however I highly recommend that you play the first crysis before crysis 2 or you will miss the story.

Does the game bully have free roam?

Yes!It does have free roam.

How do you do free roam in Lego batman 2?

you have to hold Y