Is Crobat better than staraptor

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it depends whats movs you put on it

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Q: Is Crobat better than staraptor
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Best flying Pokemon in pearl?

Staraptor Crobat U can get swablu (pokeradar) and get altaria Arceus Yanmega but Staraptor is the easiest to get som its probably staraptor or crobat cuz arceus is hard to get

Who is better honchcrow or staraptor?

staraptor, no question

How does Crobat learn Brave Bird?

You have to breed a female Crobat with a male Starly/Staravia/Staraptor that knows Brave Bird then you'll get a Zubat Egg which will hatch into a Zubat that knows Brave Bird.

Is Starly better than pidove?

Starly has a,great option of moves tranquil is good but not as good staraptor

Which Pokemon is better Crobat or houndoom and why?

houndoom is way better

Is this a good Pokemon Pearl team- Infernape Charizard Staraptor Empoleon Torterra and Palkia between levels 70-100?

a good competive team consists of all lvl 100s. take out palkia, some people don't like to battle legendaries. get rid of ifernape and staraptor, you already have charizard. then get some kind of fighting, steel, and dragon type Pokemon to replace palkia, staraptor, and infernape. personally i would take out infernape, palkia and staraptor rweplace infernape wit magnezone replace staraptor wit crobat or salemence and replace palkia wit gliscor gliscor is weak against water or ice since ground nor electric type move effect it crobat or salemence both have levitate but each learn different moves crobat learns mostly poision type moves whille salemence learns dragon and fire type moves both can learn hyper beam also crobat is much faster than salamence but salemence has a better attack also magnezone is cool cause only 3 types really effect it fire, fighting, and ground but if you use magnet rise then ground moves wont effect it for 5 turns all the other types wont effect him that much hyper beam only does about a quarter of his hp[

What are good Pokemon out these ones Infernape staraptor luxaray alakazam roserade Crobat machamp golduck floatzel Raichu lucairo gallade eevee and all it's evolutions Togekiss Houndoom?

My personal favorite is staraptor because it learns brave bird and close combat but it is really up to you

Who is better gliscor or staraptor?

Gliscor is better because electric moves (ie: thunder) do not affect at all. Gliscor also has a better range of moves to learn. Staraptor takes longer to l.v. up, so i think Gliscor wins!!!!!

Which Pokemon has mean look move?

the two better Pokemon is crobat and gengar

What is the best flying Pokemon in pearl?

Actually, everybody would surely choose Staraptor, because it has Close Combat to cover its weakness to Rock type and Steel type, its fast speed, and good moves.Well, I would also choose Staraptor, but, I would like Crobat more because it really has good moves like Toxic, and a lot more annoying moves.

In Pokemon diamond on the long run is staraptor better or honchcrow?

i used marriland to find this out but in the long run honchcrow has higher maximum stats but if it is speed you want you need staraptor

Is your Pokemon platinum WiFi team good?

I have a Gyarados, A Jirachi (I got it from a legitimate Pokemon event), A Staraptor, An Empoleon, A Garchomp, and a Crobat. they should hold useful certain items & with good, competitive moves & you should be strategic too :))