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Q: Is Call of Duty or medal of honor better?
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Is call of duty better than Medal of Honor?

i prefer call of duty but medal of honor has better graphics

What is better Call of duty medal of honor or brothers in arms?

Call of Duty Medal of Honor for sure XD

Whats better Medal of honor or call of duty?

There is no real answer but I prefer Call of Duty

Which game is better sniper elite or medal of honor or call of duty?

call of duty all the way!!!!

What is better Call of Duty or medal of honor?

call of duty is better than medal of honor. they said people liked medal of honor better than call of duty 2 and 1 but now call of duty 3 4 5 6 are WAY better. now cod 7 is out and cod 8 is coming out soon and some cods have cod zombies cod 7 does so cod wins

Call of Duty vs Medal of Honor?

Call of duty wins in gameplay, but Medal of Honor wins in graphics.

What came first call of duty or medal of honor?

medal of honor

Will there be a new call of duty for psp or Medal of Honor?

Not for Call of Duty

What is better Medal of Honor or the call of duty?

call of duty is a better game for online multyplayer, but if you like a good campain with good graphics go with MOH

Is medal of honor vanguard better than call of duty world at war on ps2?

Not even.

What is better out of Medal of Honor heroes psp and cod 3 psp?

There is no Call of Duty 3 PSP

What is the closest computer game to call of duty?

Medal of honor