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sorry for grammer spelling

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Q: Is sonic real that what my 7 year old said so i dident want to spoiole it?
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What song does Eminem rhyme with orange?

Orange is the only word that has no real words that rhyme with it.

How old is sonic in sonic boom?

i have no clue but normally he is said to be 15

Who is faster sonic or the flash?

Sonic. because in the comics they said he ran so fast he stop time

Are sonic and Amy dating?

In Sonic And The Black Knight at the end it said they WERE but idk XD

Why did sally kiss sonic in front of tails?

If you're talking about the Sonic SatAm: They were kidding because Sally was kidnaped and Robotnik made a clone with her personality to trap them. But Robotnik didn't put the memories, so they discovered that one wasn't Sally. When she was rescued, she was talking with Tails in the Great Florest, when Sonic appeared and said: - Wait Tails, I'm not sure if this on is the real Sally And Sally Said: - oh really? So that answer you? Them they kiss. and the clown (Sonic) said: - It's a clone Tails, let's Get outta of here!

Who is sonic in love with?

Amy Rose. She is a pink hedgehog madly in love with Sonic. amy rose and sally aicorn likes sonic.

Who said guess who to Sonic in Sonic riders?

Amy Rose did when she sneaked up behind him pulled him back covored is eyes and said guess who

Can sonic do a sonic boom?

Yes, Sonic can do a sonic boom because Uncle Sam said" the only way he can be me now is if he goes sonic speed." and well Sonic did =] by the way Tails the fox rocks!

What is sonics the hedgehogs real name?

Sonic's real name is in fact Sonic. Although other continuities and Sonic adaptations may change it to suit their storylines, in the canon games, there is no mention of Sonic's name being anything else other than Sonic.Originally Sonic's full name was to be Olgilvie Maurice Hedgehog. His fist name has never been mentioned in any sonic adaptation, so there is no way to know if they simply scraped the idea or have yet to reveal it. His middle name being Maurice has been mentioned in several continuities however.

In the end of Sonic Rush what did Sonic mean when he said This is from me?

Just a handshake stating that he and Blaze were friends.

Who said guess who to Sonic in Sonic riders Zero Gravity?

Amy Rose did when she sneaked up behind him pulled him back covored is eyes and said guess who

When will the new Sonic the Hedgehog series come out?

Sonic Universe is comin!But the person said when not whats the name \/.\/