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Yes he is, Yuji Naka himself has said this, he has also said that where Sonic does have feelings for Amy, he could never settle down get married and have children.

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Q: Is sonic a shy hedgehog when it comes to Amy?
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Does Amy and sonic get married?

No. They are animated creatures. Plus Sonic is a shy hedgehog.

Does sonic th hedgehog love sally acorn than Amy rose?

Yes, but Sonic is kind of shy and embarressed about it

Doesn't Sonic the hedgehog love Amy Rose?

He does he's just too shy to tell her. watch a cutscene from sonicunleashed.

Sonic likes Amy?

Yes Sonic has feelings for Amy, but is to shy to show it.

Is Sonic the Hedgehog shy?

no he talks to everyone

Who Loves Amy Rose The Hedgehog?

I think Sonic does, he just doesn't want her to know for some reason (maybe he's just shy?)

Who does sonic love in sonicx?

Amy of course! Sonic is just to shy to tell her

What episode does sonic kiss Amy?

Sonic and Amy never but i know that both of them like each other but sonic is too shy to admit it

Does sonic want to marry Amy?

Sonic does want to get married but he is just very very shy. He will tell his feelings soon. Um... No, Sonic is not the shy type, he just does not love Amy. He loves Sally.

Does Amy like Sonic only?

Amy likes Sonic but Sonic doesn't like her.

Who does Sonic the Hedgehog have a crush?

No information from SEGA has been released regarding Sonic's romantic feelings towards any characters. there might be one exception i think he has crush on Amy you can totally see it watch all sonic x episodes and you will agree with me

Does Amy like Sonic?

Whether or not he likes her back has been left to speculation. He is usually shown running away or ignoring her when she wants to ask if they could be together. Still that doesn't necessarily mean that he doesn't like her, or that he might not like her in the future.