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That other answer is bullcrap. All I know is that it evolves at a level that's higher than level 88. I have Pokemon Silver Version and when I had Typhlosion, it didn't know Lava Plume and it was level 88. If you have any questions or you like this answer, email me at

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Q: In which level will quilava learn lava plume?
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What level does Charmander learn lava plume?

Charmander cannot learn lava plume.

What level does Infernape learn lava plume?

Infernape doesn't learn Lava Plume

When does camerupt learn earth power?

It cannot learn Lava Plume in Emerald because Lava Plume was not created until Diamond and Pearl came out. It will learn Earthquake at level 37 and Eruption at level 45.

What moves does Quilava learn in Pokemon?

The moves that Quilava can learn are Leer, Smokescreen, Tackle, Ember, Defense Curl, Flame Wheel, Swift, Lava Plume, Flame Charge, Inferno, Flamethrower along with Rollout, Eruption and Double-Edge.

When does quilava learn lava plum in Pokemon silver?

Lava Plume can only be learned in newer and more recent game slke platinum diamond pearl soul silver heart gold

When does quilava learn lava pluma?


What moves does quliava learn Pokemon soul silver?

quilava learns flame wheel,double edge,flame througher,smokescreen,ember,lava plume,focus punch that's all i know

When does typhlosion learn lava plume on blue rescue team?

he doesn't

What level does flareon learn a fire move on platinum?

15- Ember 36- Fire Spin 43- Fire Fang 71- Fire Blast 78- Lava plume

When does flareon learn a fire move?

Generation IV and V: Level 15- Ember Level 36- Fire Spin Level 43- Fire Fang Level 71- Fire Blast Level 78- Lava Plume (Platinum, HeartGold, SoulSilver, Black, White)

What are quilava's moves?

That can depend on which version of the game you're playing. In Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, a Quilava can naturally learn Leer, Tackle, Smokescreen, Ember, Quick Attack, Flame Wheel, Defense Curl, Swift, Lava Plume, Flamethrower, Rollout, Double-Edge, and Eruption, in that order. Once it evolves into Typhlosion it can also be taught Blast Burn by an old man in the house in the middle of the desert north of the Resort Area.

What are the starters for heart gold and soul silver?

Totodile, chikorita, and cyndaquil the evolutions are croconaw , bayleef, quilava, Feraligatr , meganium, and typhlosion. I have typhlosion lv 100 moves are strength, blast burn, lava plume , and eruption.