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The best fire type Pokemon in Emerald Version is likely Camerupt(evolves from numel).Camerupt has very high defense and attack stats,at the cost of its speed. It can learn many powerful moves such as Earthquake,Flamethrower,Fire Blast,Overheart,Lava Plume,etc.

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Q: What is the best fire type Pokemon in emerald?
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What Pokemon would win a fire type or an air type in emerald?

an air type.

How can you beat a steel type Pokemon on emerald?

A fire and a fighting type Pokemon is good against steel.

What are steel type Pokemon weak against on Pokemon emerald?

Fight, Fire and Ground.

Where to catch fire type Pokemon in emerald?

At route 111,112,and 113

What is the best fire type Pokemon?

The best legendary fire type is ho-oh. The best non-legendary fire type Pokemon is charizard.

What is the best normal type Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

i think slaking.

What should your second Pokemon be in emerald?

doesn't matter. If you train your Pokemon to an high enough level you will be able to defeat the gym leader. I think the best STARTER Pokemon is fire-type.

Fourth badge pokemon emerald?

Flannery, a fire type gym leader.

What first Pokémon do you get in Pokémon emerald?

if you mean the starter Pokemon for emerald it's treeko-a grass type, torchic-a fire type, and mudkip-a water type

How do you defeat the 6th badge gym easy in emerald?

with electric and fire type Pokemon

What is the best fire Pokemon in Pokemon Silver?

i think the best fire type in silver is entie

What are the best Pokemon to complete the Gym Challenge and Elite Four in Pokemon ruby?

In the 3rd generation of Pokemon (Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Leaf Green, and Fire Red) it is easily agreed upon Pokemon users that a fire type of Pokemon is the best for advancing through the game easily. However, it is best to have a wide range of Pokemon types in your party because every Pokemon type has type advantages and disadvantages. So if your person your battling has a Pokemon that has a type advantage over you, (example: he has a water Pokemon and you have a fire Pokemon) switch out to a better one. This is very important for the elite four since each person has a different type of Pokemon.