In which Sonic shows is Silver in?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Silver has NOT been in ANY Sonic t.v. show,EVER! But,he has been in a Sonic video game before. Have a great day! :)


Cameron Harbison ;)

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Q: In which Sonic shows is Silver in?
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How does Sonic go silver Sonic?

silver sonic is just hyper sonic after about 5 minutes.Isn't silver sonic a robot you fight on sonic 2?

Who is the wight Sonic?

there is no white sonic....his name is ...silver the hedgehog.....he is NOT sonic. silver is not sonic...silver is slow...sonic is fast...silver hates danger ...sonic is always exited for yeah on google search silver the hedgehog and you'll see silver

Is sonic silver's brother?

No, Sonic and Silver are not brothers.

Is sonic and silver releated?

There is no relation between silver and sonic.

Are Sonic and Shadow and Silver friends?

i say yes but when silver and sonic first met silver wanted to kill sonic

Which hedgehog is better sonic or silver?

Silver. cause Sonic's an A$$HOLE.

What episode is silver in sonic x?

Silver is not in Sonic X he is in the games.

Is silver the heghog Sonic?

No Silver the hedgehog is from the future, and is 14. Sonic is from the present and 15. Not to mention Silver was sent in Sonic 06 to kill Sonic which would make a very confusing storyline if Silver was Sonic sent to kill himself......

Which sonic series is silver in?

Silver started in Sonic the Hedgehog for the PS3. He was then added to the Sonic Rivals series.

Is silver the hedgehog sonic's cousin?

no,silver is not sonic's cousin because he's from the future

Can you turn into silver sonic in sonic heroes?

Nope, Silver Sonic is only in Sonic 2, StC, StH comic, and makes a cameo in Sonic Adventure.

Is sonic older than silver?

yes. silver isn't from 2011 and he's 14 sonic's 15 but in comic's silver is 15 and sonic is 16