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You just can't because silver isn't in sonic battle.

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Q: How do you unlock silver in sonic battle?
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How do you unlock Super Sonic Super Shadow and Super Silver in Sonic 2006?

finish sonic shadow and silver's episodes and then u will unlock the last episode which has super sonic super shadow and super silver

How do you unlock the silver the hedgehog?

Well if you're talking about Sonic The Hedgehog 2006, then all you need to do is play through Sonic's storyline until you battle Silver. Once you beat him, he is a playable character.

How do you unlock Silver in Sonic FGX?

Play as sonic shaow and knuckles

Have Sonic Battle cards come out?

You have to fight and unlock them, and there are no Sonic Battle cards outside of the game.

How do you unlock Shadow and Silver on Sonic smash brother's?

You can only unlock Sonic on SSBB no you can get super sonic shadow and you can get their rel form were their not super

Can you get super silver in sonic riders zero gravity?

you can not but you can unlock super sonic

How do you unlock super silver and o'aggman in sonic smash brothers?

super silver and o'aggman is not in sonic smash bros

How do you get sliver in Sonic the Hedgehog 2006?

You Have To Play Sonic's Story And As You Progress You Unlock Silver's Story Were You Can Play As Silver And/Or Blaze.

How do you unlock blaze on sonic smash bros?

beat sonic with silver 10 times on battle mode on the stage outer space then you will see the challenger aproching screen and beat her and then youve unlocked her and thats it

How do you unlock silver in ultimate flash sonic?

sei la

Is silver in sonic 2 battle?


How do I unlock Dr Eggman in Sonic Battle?

You can't unlock Metal Sonic to Sonic Heroes. (EDIT)Yes, by using a gameshark code.