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Goku returned from defeating Frieza in episode 121 of season four after Trunks chopped Frieza into pieces and blasted him along with his father King Cold

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Q: In what episode does goku return to earth after defeting frieza?
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How does goku get back to earth after killing frieza?

They show how he got back in the episode when he returns to Earth which the episode is called Mystery Revealed.

How did trunks come on Dragon Ball Z Kai?

Trunks used a time machine that his mother bulma made and came back in time before he was born and then took down frieza. The first episode he is in is There is Planet Earth Father! Frieza and King Cold Strike Back!

How did Goku return to Earth after the destruction of Namek?

After Frieza was rendered "dead," Goku took Captain Ginyu's spaceship and escaped Namek. He ended up on the planet of the Yardrats and eventually returned to Earth after the spaceship was repaired.

Are there saiyans out there somewhere?

Yes, they will come to take the Earth and sell it to Frieza.

Did Goku die in the fight with Frieza and get revived by the Dragon Balls?

No, he didnt die when he fought frieza. After killing frieza he escaped from dying namek on a spaceship but then crashed landed on another planet. After getting healed he then went back to earth.

What happens after Goku defeats Frieza?

After he defeats Frieza, Vegeta and Gohan go back to Earth and have a major battle. Vegeta will actually beat Gohan because of the first battle on Earth when Gohan turned into an ape.

Why did trunks come back from the future?

because he likes to suck cock.....everyone knew that.

Who is meta frieza?

After the battle on namek with goku, it blew up. Frieza's father King Cold ordered is minions to go and find him. Finally they did and King Cold ordered them to repair him, so they made him into a robot so then he is called meta frieza. When they arrive on earth, Trunks slices meta frieza in half with his sword and blasts KIng Cold with a beam. That was his end.

How did Goku survive after he defeated Frieza?

Goku survived after beating Frieza by taking Captain Ginyu's ship, which had survived the destruction of Namek. He landed in the planet of the Yardrats, and stayed there until returning to Earth.

Who did trunks defeat?

When Mairi (future) Trunks came from the future in the trunks saga before Goku returns from Yardrat, Frieza lands on Earth and Mairi (future) Trunks went Super saiyan and sliced Frieza up with his sword and blew him to bits so he technically defeated Frieza. Goku didn't really succeed in defeating Frieza. Mairi (future) Trunks defeated someone not kid Trunks.

How did frieza die?

goku defeated frieza and frieza got mad he tried to blast goku but goku blasted something stronger and destroied planet namek after king cold who is friezas and coolers dad was in his space ship and found frieza floating around near death then rebuild him to a half robot named mecha frieza then they went to earth and trunks killed him with his sword (in dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi 3 the devilman kills him but trunks kills him in the cartoon so either story works)

Who is dbz tarble?

tarble is Vegeta's younger brother, arrives on earth asking for help against some of Frieza's men.