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they already give it to you

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Q: In webkinz how do you collect you prize money from the tournament arena?
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If you were to enter the PGA pre qualifier as an amateur and make to the weekend of the regular tournament do you get compensation?

If you enter the tournament as an Amateur than you will not collect any prize money if you make the cut. You will need to enter the tournament as a professional if you want to get paid.

Webkinz estore do you pay Webkinz money or real money?

You pay real money.

Free money on webkinz?

Webkinz codes

What is wrong with webkinz world?

I ain't that sure! All my favorite games are GONE!!! That's one reason I don't play webkinz any more! And while I'm at it, the whole website is kind of going wrong too! All of the boring games are working, the website is freezing and it's effecting the arena!! Webkinz has been known to mess up alot. So I'm really not that surprized! You know what I mean? They wanna earn money but they keep on making the site worse! This time it's either to make the tournament arena better or it's just difficultees. I can't even log on right now!

What webkinz pet does Joe Jonas have?

joe Jonas does not have a webkinz he is not a kid and why would he webinz are stupid and childish everyone who has one just collect them just to go and play with them online there just a waste of money and joe Jonas is just not a kid

Is there any way to transfer money from webkinz to stardoll?

No, there is no way to transfer Webkinz money to Stardoll.

Is eighteen webkinz a lot?

No, because i had a friend that has 21 webkinz and other had 43 webkinz. She told me that webkinz caused a lot of money> I only have 1 webkinz but it expired.

How do you get a lot of webkinz money?

dont spend your money

Why did Webkinz sell out at Webkinz?

You mean sell out of webkinz? That im not really sure. Probably because they ran out of money.

Can you transfer money on webkinz?

No you cant transfer money on webkinz world i have tried it and it isn't possible. If you have a different abswer submit it.

How much money do webkinz cost in Japan?

They dont sell webkinz in Japan! Sorry!

What is a Webkinz money cheat?

Webkinz monney cheat makes you have never stopping monney.