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Vamprocillin d cures vapmirism if you have become a vampire in Sims 2.

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Q: In the sims 2 what does vamprocillin d do?
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How do you stop being a vampire on sims 2?

You need to buy the Vamprocillin from the Fortune Teller/Match Maker lady (who you can call on the phone). Then have your sim drink the potion.

How do you buy vamprocillin on sims 2 double deluxe?

If that is the de-vampire potion, either the matchmaker or pet trainer should, once called round has an option which should contain the potion.

How do you stop being a vampire in sims 2 nightlife?

a potion called Vamprocillin can be bought from the matchmaker (under the service catagorie on the phone) and by the potion or With Apartment Life with a witch/warlock you can brew the special potion.

What is the D-pad Up in sims 2 pets?

You Sims motives. (needs)

Can you make out on sims 2?

yes! :D

Is there sims3 for PS2?

no not yet at least. but there is sims 2 for ps2 and sims 2 pets hope this helps ;D

What sims games are good?

omg all of them ecspecialy any of the sims 3 games and sims 2 mansion and garden stuff but you need sims 3, or sims 2 double deluxe before you can get a sims 2 or 3 game :D

How do you beat SIMS 2 D's?

you dont beat it

Will sims 2 pets come out on xbox or the 360?

You can play the Sims 2 Pets on the Xbox 360. But you have to have the game on Xbox. If you do place the game in your 360 and it should load up. :D :D :D

What kind of a job should a vampire have on the Sims 2 nightlife?

a vampire can't really have a job. when you get a job you get promotions and work hours will change. it could be during the day or night. so instead of a job use a cheat to get money $ ORyou could buy vamprocillin from a lady that has a potion that turns you back into a human. you can call the lady by clicking on the phone, click service, click matchmaking service, then wait for her to come, next click on her and click buy vamprocillin..., and buy what you need. drink that potion by clicking on the vampire sim and click drink vamprocillin. that should cure you so that you could get any job. too lengthy?

Can you make you sims have red eyes on The Sims 2?

you color it in body shop. :D hope it helped

How do you downlaod a sims 2 to a PC?

You either but the disc or download from the net. But if you want to play all expension pack etc. Pets, Nightlife or Univercity, then you will Sims 2, Sims 2 special DVD edition or the Sims 2 holiday Edition to play =D