What sims games are good?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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omg all of them ecspecialy any of The Sims 3 games and sims 2 mansion and garden stuff but you need sims 3, or sims 2 double deluxe before you can get a sims 2 or 3 game :D

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Q: What sims games are good?
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What are the Sims games that aren't expansion packs?

there ARE there is Sims medieval and Sims supernatural good luck!x

Are there any free Sims games for preschoolers?

Yes there are good free Sims games online. If you type in SIMS free on Google you'll get search results for a few places where you can download older Sims games or play Sims-like games online for free.

What are good sims games for the ps2?

Sims 2 Castaway is very fun. That is my favorite.

What are good Wii games for girls?

Sims castaways, My sims, sonic colors, Mario

Can you become a witch on the sims 2 or sims 2 pets for the ps2?

Good Question! No you can't, not on ANY ps2 Sims games But if you get Sims 2 Apartment life for PC you can be a good or bad witch!

What are some good online dating games?

imvu or sims.

What are good virtual animal games?

Sims 2 and 3 pets

What are good DS sims games?

The Urbz Sims In The City, I'd Say. I also agree I also agree I also agree

Who makes the Sims games?

EA games makes the sims games.

What are some good fling joystick games?

UM zombies danesing sims

Should you get the sims 3?

YES!!! Sims 3 is one of the best games ever! (Spore and Call of Duty are also good.)

What games should you get for PC?

You should get The Sims 2, plus some expansion packs. Sims 3 is good, but it is very confusing for me.