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Yes, you click on the object you want to delete then press your delete key on your keyboard.

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Q: In sims 2 body shop can you delete what you've made?
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Why wont your sims 2 body shop work?

You have to uninstall Sims 2 and reinstall it, but when it comes to add stuff don't install Sims 2 Store Edition (note- this will delete all families you made and neighbourhoods) and then when it is all done Body Shop should work.

What types of gift baskets does The Body Shop sell?

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How do you delete the Wii shop channel?

That's impossible.

How do you delete games you've bought from the Nintendo DSi shop on the Nintendo DSi?

First, go to system settings. Next, go to data management. It will give you a list of all your shop games. Tap the game you want to delete. Then, it will give you two options. Copy or delete. Tap delete. Finally it will delete it! Remember, if you want to get the game back just go to the Nintendo Dsi Shop and go to the game you deleted. You can re download it!

If you buy a game on the Wii shop can you sell it back to the Wii shop?

no but you can delete them but that's a waist of money

How do you delete a game off of the DSi?

Actually you can't delete a game off a DSi but you can if you take it to a game repair shop

How do you delete a dog in your nursery on the game pet shop story?

You can only delete dogs or cats in the cross breeding lab in that game. You may not delete a pet from the nursery.

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How do you delete spells on the game adventure quest?

You don't delete spells - you sell them. Go to a shop keep and sell the spell(s).

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