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with your brain use your common sense crazy

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Q: In roblox how do you get in the cars in the game drive off a cliff with smashable cars?
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To drive vehicles (including helicopters, planes, cars, ect.): Cars: Use arrow keys to drive. (Helis, planes, and cars if the arrows dont work): Sometimes you will have to select the name of the vehicle, "Car", "drive", or "heli/plane" from your list of tools. Then if the arrows don't work, press Y to go, F to perform a special action (if the vehicle has one), and X to stop. Click and drag on the mouse to steer. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notice: Cars that drive with the mouse will do wheelies if you point the mouse up!

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No ROBLOX Is Not A Robot It is An Online Game That You Can Get Castles Cars Robots And Loads more it Is Very Simular To LEGO.

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