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ash is ten.

he has been ten for the past 15/16 years.

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Q: In pokemon how old is ash when he meets dawn?
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Who is older ash or dawn?

when Pokemon first started, ash was 10. as of now, dawn is a 10 year old. technically, ash is older.

How old is dawn Pokemon?

she's around the same age as ash and misty. She is aged 10 ½ yrs Ash = 12 Misty=13 Brock=17 May=11 May's brother =6 Dawn=12 Also Ash never catches any Poke'Mon, he just waits intil the Pokemon forces their way to his life.

How old is Conway from Pokemon diamond-pearl from episode Tag Were It?

It has not been stated in the series yet. It can be assumed he is around the same age as Dawn or Ash.

How old is ash dawn and brock?

Ash is teen or eleven Dawn samme like Ash and Brock i think hes older because he was a gyn leder. i think 19-20.

Does ash kiss dawn?

NO! Alot of people say "Ash & May" or Ash & Dawn" but that is completely wrong! The true statement is- "Ash & Misty" In fact i recall Ash and Misty kissing before (excuse me if I'm wrong) but anyhow Misty and Ash are clearly like each other but they were scared to express their feelings. For me info go on YouTube and read comments of "Ash & one of the three girls" videos. =D

Pokemon how old is ash?

11 yrs old

When will ash die in Pokemon?

Ash will die when he gets old you tart

How old ash from Pokemon?

Ash Ketchum from the Pokemon anime is 10 years old. Despite how long the anime has ran for Ash has remained 10 years old since the very first episode.

How old is dawn from Pokemon?

She is 10 years old

How old is ash in the Pokemon episodes?

12 years old

How old is ash from Pokemon?

look people if ur stupid enough to read this ash is really 40 years old y is he still playing Pokemon hes a nerd

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl how old is dawn?

10 years old