How old is ash dawn and brock?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Ash is teen or eleven Dawn samme like Ash and Brock i think hes older because he was a gyn leder. i think 19-20.

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Q: How old is ash dawn and brock?
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Will Dawn be with Ash and Brock in Isshu?

dawn will not be with ash and the same goes with brock

What is the age of ash and brock and dawn in the galactic battles series?

It's only an approximation, but I'd say Brock is about 17, where as Ash and Dawn are about 13.

Why does dawn leave ash and brock?

Durring the catch of the rye

What are the main character's in Pokemon?

ash, dawn, brock, and pikachu

Why do all of dawn's old friends call her 'DD'?

her first and last name both start with d dawn d.But that can't be it, because Dawn didn't want Ash & Brock to know why in the episode "Hot Springing a Leak".Yep. If Dawn was called DeeDee because of her name and surname, or Ash and Brock would know by now!

Which episode did ash separate from dawn and brock?

"Memories are Made of Bliss"

Who is the best trainer ash may misty brock or dawn?

That's simple it's definitely Ash

Who is the main character in Pokemon?

Right now its Ash,Pikachu,Dawn and Brock

Does ash ever kiss may misty or dawn?

no, but he does kiss brock in episode 343

Will Dawn go with Ash and Brock to the nect region?

dont know but i hope so i

What were the other owners of Pokemon called besides ASH?

Brock, Misty, Dawn, May

When did ash dawn and brock do the team rocket motto?

im pretty sure they did it in an episode and i dont think it was dawn it was misty...