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it is good! the lower the better

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Q: In ping ranking is 22ms good average or poor?
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Is 57 ms ping good for a local server?

yes its in the average range :)

Average speed of ping-pong ball?

What is the average speed of a ping pong ball in the olympics?

Is Brett good at ping pong?

Brett is not very good at ping pong, but is very good at swimming, and on his way to being a pro. He actually really sucks at ping pong, though he does practice a lot

Who is Krisna Siv?

He is a Kid of 16 years of age and goes to Toronto high NSW and is in year 11. He is Australian but has Cambodian heritage. He is average at ping pong :/ weird ay. I thought they were all good at ping pong

What does the ping mean in Warcraft 3?

1. Ping is a location of a marked area that has a "ping" sound on the map. 2. Ping is a common term online for latency (or how good your connection is).

Who is an okay ping pong player?

I am a pretty good ping pong player. I can be competitive with non professionals.

What is ping in babo violent 2 and why do you keep getting maximun ping and you cant join?

Your Ping is to see how good your internet is and when it says maximum ping you have gone over how much the game arena lets you I also play babo myself and in a clan

What kinds of sports are the Chinese people good at?

ping pong

What are some good ping pong tactics?

Hit the ball!

Why to user ping counter?

confusing question but ping on a user is what discribes how good of a connection the player has to that server how close he lives next to server and internet speed. If you have more then 80 ping its considered laggin.

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You need a good set of ping pong table plans that will tell you how to build a ping pong table.

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In my opinion, ping pong (table tennis the sport) is better. Why? Because scientific research says it's the best sport for your brain. Each time you hit the ball you have to perform eight different functions, and all in a split second. The worlds best have trained to do all eight more efficiently than the average ping pong player which is why they are as good as they are.