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NFS Carbon

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Q: In nfs which is the next version after most wanted?
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How do you get Need For Speed World Loop?

You can get the NFS World Loop in NFS Most Wanted, it HAS to be the Black Edition version of Most Wanted as the standard edition doesn't have this race included.

Is nfs most wanted better than nfs shift?

nfs most wanted is better because of the games rating most wanted gamespot 8.0 shift 7.0 or 7.5

I have downloaded nfs most wanted how to start it?

I have download nfs most wanted but he askd me what's the password

Can you rematch a blacklist in nfs most wanted for ps2?

No you can not rematch a blacklist racer in nfs most wanted.

Can you mod on NFS most wanted?

If you mean moding NFS Most Wanted,here is my answere. Yes, you can mod it. If you have internet in your own PC, just go to "". You will get most of the mods for NFS Most Wanted on this website only.

Where is a site you can download need for speed most wanted?

At the search you can type download nfs most wanted for freebut the problem is you can't download full version this is only the demo

Is nfs run just like nfs most wanted?

Yes both are part of Need For Speed Franchise but differ I terms of characters and storyline. Both NFS run and NFS most wanted are racing games.

What is the most similar game to need for speed most wanted?

the most similar game to need for speed most wanted is nfs undercover or nfs hot pursuit 2. And know NFS MW (the new One)

Whose career is more difficult-nfs carbon or nfs-most wanted?

need for speed most wanted is way harder and last much longer then nfs carbon. in most wanted you have to do lots of car chases and carbon you don't have to do any.

What is better nfs most wanted or undercover?

most wanted is so much better

Which game is better-nfs most wanted or carbon?

Most wanted is much better!

Is nfs most wanted better then nfs run?

No, nfs run is like more 3D-ish and exciting. i would rather prefer Nfs Run.