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No you can not rematch a blacklist racer in nfs most wanted.

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Q: Can you rematch a blacklist in nfs most wanted for ps2?
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How get a BMW on NFS most wanted?

beat blacklist boss 1

How do you unlock all cars nfs most wanted?

defeating all the blacklist

How do you unlock all cars in nfs most wanted?

defeating all the blacklist

What is the name of blacklist rival 2 in NFS most wanted?

His real name is Toru Sato and he is nicknamed 'Bull'

How do you complete milestones in NFS most wanted?

go to blacklist 15 go to milestone events and do the goals that it says'

What is after the blacklist in nfs most wanted?

you find out mia is an undercover cop but she helps you get away in a heat 6 cop chase

Which item is which from each blacklist racer - nfs most wanted?

There generated at random for each blacklist member but i tend to find that selecting the middle and left marker works best

Is nfs most wanted better than nfs shift?

nfs most wanted is better because of the games rating most wanted gamespot 8.0 shift 7.0 or 7.5

I have downloaded nfs most wanted how to start it?

I have download nfs most wanted but he askd me what's the password

In nfs which is the next version after most wanted?

NFS Carbon

Which are the cars ih nfs mostwanted?

15 blacklist

Can you mod on NFS most wanted?

If you mean moding NFS Most Wanted,here is my answere. Yes, you can mod it. If you have internet in your own PC, just go to "". You will get most of the mods for NFS Most Wanted on this website only.