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go into the clock room and grab the three clocks in the room like Ur opening a chest and then the solders well come to life to kill them suck out there winder in there back the blue one is the main one i would kill the red green one then the red one then try to kill the blue one with one sweep u get a big pearl if u do like in all ghosts

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Q: In luigi mansion what do you do in the clockwork room?
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When was luigi's mansion game room of doom come out?

there will be a luigi's mansion 2 but it won't be called room of doom/ room of doom is a fan made trailer on sorry

Where is mario's glove in luigi's mansion?

it is in the projection room which is on the right of the billiards room

What is behind the door in luigi's mansion that has no key?

A room full of money

Where is the washing room in Luigi's Mansion?

you will find it after you beat 15 ghosts

Where is the projection room in Luigi's mansion?

on the first floor of the mansion across from Melody's room when entering this room you are in the billiards room and you must walk to the right to the door to enter the projection room

Is there a luigi's mansion return of the mansion?

Sorry but there is no luigi's mansion: Return to the mansion but there should be.

Luigi's mansion secrets?

Yes there is some money room's you can go to secretly.

Where is the key to Nana's room in Luigi's mansion?

Leave the room and go back in I hade trouble there too

When did Luigi's Mansion?

Luigi's Mansion happened in 2001.

When did Luigi's Mansion happen?

Luigi's Mansion happened in 2001.

What is the sparkly room in the back of the gallery on Luigi's mansion?

its where the picture of king boo goes

On luigi's mansion what is the sparkly room in the back of the gallery?

its where the king boo pic will go