In harvest moon how do you use the mushroom shed?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Ok, here's the steps you need to take: 1) Buy a mushroom shed, a maker shed & a seed maker. ~To get a seed maker you need to get Adamantite (diamond-esque ore) from the 3rd mine & then call Grey to have a seed maker made. 2) Get some stumps. For this you need to chop down a tree & for that, you need either a blessed axe or an axe that has been leveled up. (I think mystrile or higher.) You can only level the axe up if you are experienced enough in it. (I.E., used it enough) 3) Get seeds from either the seed maker or from Vesta. You can pick the mushrooms up in the fall & use the non-poisonous ones, but there's a type (Shiitake) that you can only get from Vesta. 4) Put the stumps on the platforms & then plant the seeds on each stump. Eventually they'll grow bigger & bigger until they are ready to pick. (You do have to keep watering them!) However when the mushrooms are ready to be picked you should also keep in consideration that you can keep watering the mushrooms & they'll keep getting bigger & therefore make you more money. If you pick them, the mushrooms will keep growing back again & again.

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Q: In harvest moon how do you use the mushroom shed?
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Until you Purchase the Millionaire Island, You cannot use the boat in Harvest Moon D.S. And Harvest Moon D.S. Cute.

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You need to ask Gotz to build you a mushroom shed, then chop 6 branches with your axe, when the shed is done being build enter it and there will be 6 empty podiums, put the chopped lumber on them one by one. Once everything is set up properly for the mushrooms go to Vesta's shop and go to the very bottom of her vast list of seeds; there will be shiitake mushroom seeds, buy 6 of them (They're a little expensive..) go back to your mushroom shed and use one seed bag each for every piece of lumber. You need to water the lumber everyday for the mushrooms to grow. When they are big enough to be picked press 'A' next to them and you will get your mushrooms! The more you harvest the faster the mushrooms will grow.

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Please tell me how too use a makers shead on harvest moon. Because I want to make cheese!

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From Harvest Moon DS?You buy makers from Saibara the Blacksmith the shop. Then they appear in your shed a few days later or something and you use them to make whatever it is its used for. Directions to use are there to read in you book collection or just click it without anything in your item box.