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No, you can't earn cash on easy career mode, therefore, you can't access it

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Q: In guitar hero 1 can you have unlock shop for easy career mode?
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How do you unlock Hayley Williams in Guitar Hero?

You can only unlock her in the vocal career mode.

How could you unlock Almost easy in Guitar Hero 3?

easy... You pick menu twice then beat the career 7 times in less than 7 hours

To unlock the songs for Guitar Hero on Tour where it says get 5 on each difficulty does it have to be in career?

Yes, it has to be on career.

How do you unlock the Lou on the Wii version of Guitar Hero III?

I believe you have to beat him in career.

How do you unlock all guitar shapes on guitar hero world tour?

Well, you have to do career mode on guitar. And you should have all of them after you beat it.

How do you unlock all the videos in Guitar Hero World Tour?

You have to finish all the careers in the game including : the guitar career , drum career , band career, mic career and bass career .

How do you unlock career mode in guitar hero on tour for DS?

i dont really think you can unlock it the options are locked too

How do you delete your career on Guitar Hero?

Click delete career when on the game 'Guitar Hero'

How do you unlock the guitar in Guitar Hero?

On the original Guitar Hero, make sure you're playing on Medium or higher difficulty setting so you earn money. Then go to the shop in the career mode main menu.

How do you get smoke on the water song on Guitar Hero 3?

You can't unlock from doing career but you can download it if you have the Ps3 or Xbox360.

Is there career mode in Guitar Hero metallica?

Yes. Every Guitar Hero game has a career mode.

How do you unlock the zombie intro in Guitar Hero Metallica?

First You enter in the zombie cheat then activate it then select new career