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He's in Mt. Mortar

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Q: In gold what cave is the saffron gym leader training in?
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What cave is the gym leader of saffron in on Pokemon gold?

The cave is called Dragon Cave and it's situated in a lake behind the city the gym is in.

Where is the saffron fighting gym leader training in Pokemon gold?

he is training deep in the cave between ecruteak city and mahogany town. you go past it, and its a pretty huge cave, its a hell of a job finding him, but you get a pretty sweet Pokemon when you beat him ;)

Where is the 14 gym leader in HeartGold?

The 14 gym leader in heart gold is in Saffron City.

Where is the dojo leader from saffron city in Pokemon heart gold?

his is doing a poo

Where is the Kanto 6th gym leader in heart gold?

Sabrina of Saffron City, who uses Psychic type Pokemon.

How do you get into dragon cave in Pokemon Gold?

By beating the gym leader Clair in Blackthorn City.

Find three shades of yellow ruby saffron gold indigo lemon?

Saffron, gold, Lemon

Which vegetable or fruit is called vegetable gold?

Saffron is called Vegetable Gold. It is actually a purple flower.

Where does the copycat livein Pokemon Gold?

saffron city in kanto saffron city in kanto saffron city in kanto

Where is the cave that the fighting dojo gym leader is training in for gold?

In the Dark cave hear the end. Once you are done battleing him he will give you apokemon. It will be the first eolvement of hitmonchamp, hitmonlee, and hitmontop.if you put it in the daycare with a ditto and they will have another in a egg so youcan try and get all the evolvements.Mr. Siedschlag

Where can you find the kanto gym leader with blue hair not with the name blue but with the hair blue In heart gold?

in saffron city gym and her name is Sabrina

Why should fort knox consider replacing its gold for saffron?

Saffron is worth much more per ounce however gold does not rot, or even rust. Saffron is a small piece of a small flower and will not keep forever as gold will.