In dbz bt3 how to get kid Goku?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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he starts in the game when you start

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Q: In dbz bt3 how to get kid Goku?
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How do you get kid goku in dbz tenkiichi 1?

He's not in it.

What is the character move set in dbz tenkaichi 3?

Goku ssj4 or Kid Goku GT or kid Gohan

Can you get a ss6 in dbz bt3?


How do you unlock goku as a kid on dbz budokai 2?

he does not play in it

How do you get kid Goku in dbz for wii?

deafeat the db saga dugh!~!!!!!!!!

How do you unlock kid goku on dbz raging blast?

He ain't in the game.

Where can you find DBZ BT3 character passwords?

On google web search. Just type dbz bt3 passwords for wii or ps2

How do you unlock ssj4 Goku in dragonball bt3?

get all the way to gt saga and finish it then go to duel or what ever and go to gt kid goku and go to ssj4 goku or gogeta ssj4

How do you fusion any two characters in dbz bt3?

Hold don R3 You can't fuse every character on dbz bt3 and if you can hold down R3

Is adult ssj3 Goku stronger then ssj3 gt kid Goku?

Depends, if you are talking about Adult SSJ3 Goku from the Buu Saga or if you are talking about Adult SSJ3 Goku from DBGT. SSJ1 Kid Goku is already stronger than SSJ3 DBZ goku. Goku got a lot stronger during his training after buu, and his training during the gap between Z and GT. So SSJ3 Kid Goku is about 10 times stronger than SSJ3 Goku in DBZ. Now Adult Goku in GT in his base form was slightly above Uub, who it turn was stronger than SSJ3 kid Goku from GT. So Adult GT SSJ3 GOku is probably 20 times stronger than SSJ3 Kid goku and 200 times stronger than DBZ SSJ3 Goku. I'm confused

How do you get future gohan in dbz bt3?

he is a wish from shenron

Can you get Goku ssj5 in bt3?

HA! I wish...