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get all the way to gt saga and finish it then go to duel or what ever and go to gt kid goku and go to ssj4 goku or gogeta ssj4

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Q: How do you unlock ssj4 Goku in dragonball bt3?
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The dbz bt3 password for ssj3 vegeta?

sorry , but there is no ssj3 vegeta, but there is a ssj4.

Can you get Goku ssj5 in bt3?

HA! I wish...

Is Burst Limit better than BT3?

bt3 because it has more characters and it goes to dragonball and z and gt

What game is Goku jr in?

infinte world and bt3

In dbz bt3 how to get kid Goku?

he starts in the game when you start

How can Goku go ssj5 on bt3?

only 1-4 and gogeta...

How do you get gt Goku on bt3?

you have to finish one of the missions on the gt saga

What are the advantages of WLAN?

you can go online and do multyplayer by bt3 Goku ssj 4

How do you make goku look like a ssj5 in bt3?

Lol ok fail.

How do you unlock yourself in dbz bt3?

you can't unlock yourself if your talking about miis.

What character do you use to use fusion into gogeta in dragon ball z bt3?

goku and vegeter

How do you get king cold in Dragon Ball Z bt3?

Beat the cell games with any character (i'd pick SSJ4 gogeta) on the hard setting