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The vampire cape is a season item that you can get from the Mogloween Season Candy Shop in either the Bakeshop of Horrors (/join pie) or Candy Corn Farm (/join candycorn).

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Q: In adventure quest worlds where can you get the vampire cape?
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How do you get a cape on Adventure Quest Worlds?

drop and shop

How do you get Easter armor in adventure quest worlds?

There is a cape that gives the quest for the set...

How do you get a black cape in adventure quest worlds?

just get a colour custom cape and change the colour to black easy

Where are non member pets in adventure quest worlds?

There is no non member pet but you can buy parrot cape and that looks like pet but its cape

Adventure quest worlds what items does the crusader in cinda drop?

you can get his sword, cape, and i think you could get his armor and helmet.

Were do you buy capes on adventure quest worlds?

you can buy capes in almost all of the shops out there unless its a shop specificly for certain wepons, capes are also pretty frequent drops from monsters if they have a cape or cape-like item on their back.

Is there any weapon in adventure quest worlds that sells for one million gold?

yes but you'll have to buy it for 2mill and ge a cape that is worth 1mill lol u wasted 2mill!

Where do you get a cape on adventure quest worlds?

Upgrade shop, or maybe Yulgar's shop. that or if you evil (like me:)!) go to evil show or gravlyn, or if you good (weakest and not cool, unlike dark side is strongest and cooler) go to king alteon or idk where else i have never been completely good:)! but other than that almost every shop in the world of adventure quest worlds:) :)

Where do you get a cape on adventure quest?

Ye olde inn Battleon town square swordhaven

Were do you buy a cape in adventure quest?

You can't. Only certain classes come with capes.

What is the most expensive cape in adventure quest worlds?

The tentacles of the Overlord at the Shadowfall shop-- Member only, 1,000,000 gold, forget how much evil rep you need. You buy it from Gravelyn's evil rep shop.

What is the coolest cape in adventure quest worlds?

normally the event capes are prtty cool, but for non members id say blood cloak, or come of nulgath's capes, and if your a member, idk because their is to many, and really i cant really say because it depends on who you are