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Rouge has never kissed Shadow. She does kiss Tails on the cheek in one episode though.

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Q: In a deleted scene of Sonic X how does Shadow react when Rouge kisses him on the cheek?
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Where can you find the deleted scene in Sonic X where Rouge kisses Shadow on the cheek?

Not sure as it is deleted. But I would assume he'd be surprised.

Is it the Japaneese version of Sonic X when Rouge kisses Shadow's cheek?

She never does that, though she kisses Tail's cheek in the Sonic X adaptation of Sonic Battle. (She does it to put him in shock and win)

When did sonic meet rouge?

sonic met rouge in sonic hereos when his team-team sonic-(sonic,knuckles, and tails) were fighting with team dark (shadow,rouge and omega)

Are Rouge and Shadow dating in Sonic-X and all the Sonic video games?

No they aren't. Although Rouge does have a crush on Sonic.

In what Sonic game is Shadow the Hedgehog cloned?

I believe it is sonic heroes in which rouge discovers numerous clones of shadow

How do you get shadow in sonic smash bros?

you can only get him in assist trophy by unlocking sonic. You can get Shadow by beating Rouge's story in Sonic Smash Brothers.

Do Sonic and Shadow live together?

No, as far as Sonic Battle shows us, Soniclives with Tails in Emerald Town and Shadow stays with Rouge in her club, Club Rouge, in Night Babylon.

Does rouge love shadow or kuckels?

shadow love rouge yes,but knux is love tikal no rouge this is a true!!!!!!!! Rouge is in love with Knuckles. It was revealed in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. And Shadow loves no one. rouge loves knuckles cause she always flared with him in sonic x

Dose Rouge like Sonic or Shadow?

Nothing has been revealed to say she likes either Shadow or Sonic in terms of romanticism.

Does Shadow like Amy or Rouge?

Yes, He dose like Rouge! Shadow and Rouge are a cute couple! Face the fact's, They both are on the same team. Rouge worrie's about him. He save's her and alway's protect's her.CUTE COUPLE! So yes, they are ment to be! :D

Does Rouge have a crush on Shadow?

No, Rouge have no crush on Shadow.Storyline of game Sonic the hedgehog 2006 has been officialy rejected.

Does Shadow the Hedgehog like Rouge the Bat?

No, Sonic the Hedgehog likes his friends that care about him, though Knuckles has a small crush on Rouge the Bat. Yes! It has been confirmed that Shadow does like Rouge! Think about it Shadow is always there for Rouge when shes in trouble. If he hated her he would not do anything!