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Answer taken from the Official English Rulebook: After you've announced your attacking monster and the attack target monster during a Battle Step, the attack target might be removed from the field, or a new monster may be played onto the opponent's side of the field before the Damage Step, due to a card's effect. This causes a "Replay." When this occurs, you can choose to attack with the same monster again, or choose to attack with a different monster, or choose not to attack at all. Note that if you attack with a different monster, the first monster is still considered to have declared an attack, and it cannot attack again this turn.

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Q: In Yugioh does a monster have to attack the newly Special Summoned monster during the Battle Phase if they already declared the attack?
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What happens to a Special Summoned Gemini monster?

The answer to this question can vary. Unless the card that Special Summoned the Gemini Monster specifically says otherwise, the Gemini Monster will be treated as a Normal Monster. If you have not already Normal Summoned this turn, you can perform said action on the Special Summoned Gemini Monster. There may be cards such as Black Brutdrago that states "The Special Summoned monster is treated as an Effect Monster, and gains its effect." In this case, as it states, the Special Summoned monster gains its effect while it is on the field and you do not have to resummon it.

Can you tribute a Special Summoned monster?

You can tribute a special summoned monster, yes.

Can an effect monster be summoned?

um, yeah... all monster can be normal summoned, flip summoned, special summoned etc unless specified otherwise. eg, ancient gear golem says "this card cannot be special summoned".

Can 'Monster Reborn' summon a monster that says it can't be special summoned?

If a monster clearly says "This card cannot be special summoned" then no, of course not. If it says you can't do it, then you can't do it.

Can you attack with a special summoned monster?


Can Neos Wiseman be special summoned from the graveyard?

Neos Wiseman is a 'cannot be special summoned except by' monster. That means his listed summon text is the only way he can ever be summoned, and can only do it while he is in your hand. You are unable to discard him then use Monster Reborn. Also even if he is properly special summoned first, he still can't be special summoned by Monster Reborn, unlike monsters who say 'can only be special summoned by'.

You want to special summon a monster from your graveyard by using monster reborn BUT the card says it can only be special summoned by discarding a card from your handdo you need monster reborn?

A monster's special summon text only applies while it is in your hand. If a monster says it can 'only be' special summoned by a certain method, then assuming you do summon it properly, and it is then destroyed, then you are allowed to use Monster Reborn and do not have to pay any additional costs. If the above monster was simply discarded from hand by something else, then it can not be special summoned by Monster Reborn. If it says 'cannot be special summoned except by..' then it can't be brought back with Monster Reborn even if it was properly special summoned first.

Can you use 'Monster Reborn' or 'Call of the Haunted' on 'Chaos Sorcerer' after it has been properly summoned?

Yes. It is a 'can only be special summoned by' monster, which can be brought back as long as it was properly special summoned originally. It is monsters who say "cannot be special summoned except by.." that cannot ever be brought back with cards like Monster Reborn.

Can vampire genesis be special summoned with monster reborn?

Vampire Genesis 'cannot be special summoned' except by following the instructions on the card. If a monster says it can 'only' be special summoned a certain way, this is for the initial summon only. If you summon it properly, and it is destroyed, then you can revive it from the graveyard with Monster Reborn. However the 'except by' monsters can't be special summoned by any other means than the text on their card. Even if they are properly special summoned first, you still can't use Monster Reborn on them.

In YuGiOh can a ritual monster be special summoned from the graveyard after using Ritual Foregone?

No, because it wasn't 'properly' special summoned. To be able to special summon a Ritual Monster from the graveyard, it has to be initially summoned by Ritual Summon. Ritual Foregone does not Ritual Summon.

Can you change battle position of a monster same turn it was special summoned?

No, a monster cannot manually change battle position on the turn it was special summoned, though it can be changed by an effect.

Can you use 'Monster Reborn' to Special Summon 'Evil Hero Lightning Golem' from your graveyard?

monster reborn can bring back any monster from the grave unless the monster u want from the grave says it "can not be special summoned from the graveyard" or says "this card can not be special summoned"