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'Negated' isn't the right word, as 'negated' is a specific term that applies to something else.

If the defending monster is destroyed or removed from the field before the Damage Step, then no, the attack is not negated. What happens is a 'replay' occurs. The attacking monster can pick another attack target, or if he really wants to, just choose to forfeit his attack altogether.

Replays can occur in other ways, basically if a potential attack target appears or disappears after an attack is declared but before the damage step, then a replay occurs.

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Q: In Yu-Gi-Oh if your opponent attacks and you activate a spell or trap that destroys your monster is that attack negated?
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Does yubel- the ultimate nightmare effect--inflict damage equal to its atk to your opponent and destroy that monster--activate if i use yubel-the ultimate nightmare to attack?

Yube - The Ultimate Nightmarel's effect destroys any monster it battles with, so will activate both when it attacks, and when it is attacked.

Does your monster return to the hand if your monster destroys your opponent's Mist Valley Soldier by battle in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Mist Valley Soldier must survive the battle, for it to be able to activate its effect. If it was destroyed by battle, it will not activate and will not return the other monster to hand.

When your opponent attacks another monster while you have Earthbound Immortal Ccapac Apu on the field can you activate Shift and make your opponent attack Ccapac Apu?

yes of course what knuckle hea said you couldn't

Does flip effects work from special summon in Yu-Gi-Oh?

A flip effect only works if you flip summon a monster, or if your opponent attacks your face down monster (granted they don't have an effect that negates the activation of a flip effect monster or destroys it without flipping, like Drillroid) Most special summons require the monster to be face up, therefore not letting the flip effect to have a change to activate.

Does Skyscraper effect activate if your Elemental Hero Monster is being attacked by a higher attacker monster?

SkyscraperField Spell/SPELLWhen a monster that includes "Elemental Hero" in its card name attacks, if its ATK is lower than the ATK of the attack target, increase the ATK of the attacking monster by 1000 points during damage calculation only.No, its effect does not activate. "When a monster...attacks...". This automatically tells you that it activates when your monster attacks, but does not activate if your monster is attacked.

If The Six Samurai - Zanji attacks a stronger monster will he die?

Yes, a with normal rules, but the opponent's monster will die as well equip it with mist body then it wont also activate spirit barrier you lose no Life Points

If your opponent attacks a monster on your field that has metalmorph on it when the effect of metalmorph active?


What is the Fissure card?

Fissure is a Normal Spell Card that destroys your opponent's monster with the lowest ATK.

How does Sakuretsu Armor work?

Let's say you have "Sakuretsu Armor" face-down on your field and your opponent attacks you with their monster.When your opponent declares or states they are attacking with a specific monster, whether they are attack a monster you control or your Life Points directly, you may activate "Sakuretsu Armor". "Sakuretsu Armor" destroys the attacking monster and the attack is over.There are a few important things to note when using this card:If the opponent chains "SA" with a Spell/ Trap that flips the attacking monster face-down, when the chain resolves the monster will not be destroyed.If the opponent chains "SA" with a Spell/ Trap that changes the battle position of the attacking monster but it is till face-up, when the chain resolves the monster will still be destroyed. verified with yu-gi-oh wiki which has the tcg rules on that are the official rules.

If your opponent attacks a monster on your field that has metalmorph equipped to it will the effect of metalmorph active?


If you activate 'Fiend's Sanctuary' and your opponent attacks the token is the token destroyed or does it remain on the field?

If the token is considered destroyed by battle, then it will leave the field and cease to exist, like any regular token monster.

Can your opponent sacrifice your stardust dragon for assult mode activate?

No he/she can't, because on Assault mode activate it says: ''Tribute one synchro monster...''. You can only tribute your own monster/s.