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Any druid can never use a sword. Only staves, fist weapons, daggers, one handed and two handed maces Tauren Druids will never want to use swords or maces as they do not benefit you, They will need staves and wands because they will make you more powerful with spirit, Intellect and stamina. Only use staves and wands for druids. - i disagree with the above, hes right that they cant use swords, but they can use polearms, which can the + power in forms.. but to get more down to what i dissagree with, some druids WILL want to use maces and pole arms because they often have higher strength and agility, not every druid is going to be balance or resto, infact, many are favoring feral right now. so use what ever the hell you want on your druid. i know i will be

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Q: In World of Warcraft can a druid-tauren use a sword?
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