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get them on the rug

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Q: In The Sims Bustin' Out how do you seduce someone at Casa Caliente?
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What does Casa Caliente mean?

'Caliente' means hot in English.

What does mi casa es caliente mean in English?

My house is hot.

Can sims get pregnant on The Sims bustin out?

You can`t get pregnant but babys are possible even in story mode in certan areas The octogon Malcolms mansion Pixel Acres Tinsel bluffs and you have to get marrried first in all the ones i just put and shiny things labs Casa caliente and one more area i forgot then kiss your wife while both in good mood of just kiss someone in the free play household in a good mood and you should get do you want a baby?

What does ''mi casa es su casa'' mean?

"Mi casa es su casa" is a Spanish phrase that translates to "my house is your house" in English. It is used to convey hospitality and to make someone feel welcome and at home in your own house. It is a polite way of inviting someone to feel comfortable and treat your home as their own.

What does mi casa essu casa mean?

"Mi casa es tu casa" is a Spanish phrase that translates to "My house is your house." It is a welcoming expression used to make someone feel at home and comfortable in your space.

What is the correct order of the places in sims bustin out?

There isn't one truly correct order because certain houses have different job advancments so some may not go to club rubb or pixel acres but I think it would be somthing like this Mom's House, Mimi's Place, Dudley's Trailer, Toane's Gym, Club Rubb, Shiny Things Lab, The Octagon, Tinsel Bluffs, Goth Manor, Casa Caliente, Pixel Acres, And last but certenly not least Malcom's Mansion. Hope it helped.

What dose Mi Casa and Tu Casa mean?

"Mi casa" means "my house" in Spanish, while "tu casa" means "your house." These phrases are commonly used to express hospitality and make someone feel comfortable and welcomed in a home.

What does mi casa es tu casa mean in English?

"Mi casa es tu casa" translates to "My house is your house" in English. It is an expression that is used to welcome someone into your home, indicating that they should feel comfortable and at ease.

What is the meaning of Su Casa?

"Su casa" is a Spanish phrase that translates to "your house" or "your home." It is often used as a welcoming phrase to invite someone into a space or to make them feel comfortable and at home.

What does ir a casa mean?

"Ir a casa" in Spanish means "to go home." It is used to indicate that someone is going back to their house or residence.

What does que hay en tu casa mean?

"¿Qué hay en tu casa?" translates to "What is in your house?" in English. It is a question asking about the contents or things present in someone's home.

Are there nude beaches in Dominican Republic -?

there are no specific public nude beaches in the Dominican Republic. There are a couple nude hotels casa roma and caribe caliente. It is illegal to appear in public nude, the major hotels do allow topless bathing as this is a cultural thing of thier European guests