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Okay I LOVE FOOD A fun chirstmas game is musical chairs with chirstmas music. A cool one is hunka bunka stand on the table and pick buggers and fling them. Dress up with santa clothes or secret santa. NOW PLAY WITH YOUR MONKEY. bye

I am Fillinapina Casa or Casi for short TACOS TACO GIRL ROX

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Q: What are some fun Christmas games to play?
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What games do people play on Christmas?

well really it doesn't matter what games you play over crimbo(Christmas) as long as you have fun!

What are some suggestions for Christmas games for adults?

There are many favourite games to play at Christmas. Families often take the opportunity to play old fashioned games like charades, or enjoy board games such as Monopoly, or fun games like Twister.

What are some fun Christmas party games for adults?

Some fun Christmas party games for adults include the usual standards such as charades, Pictionary and Trivial Pursuit. Card games such as poker, rummy and whist are also popular with all ages.

What are some party games one could play during the Christmas holiday period?

During the Christmas holiday period, one can play lots of fun, silly family games to work up an appetite and work off a few cakes. Games that everyone can play include Charades, Hide and Seek, I Spy, Sardines and Hunt the Slipper.

What are the games of some games to play with the family on Christmas?

There is an endless variety of family Christmas games. These can include things such as pin the tail on the reindeer, pin the halo on the angel or Christmas trivia games. More traditional games involve hiding an ornament, usually in the shape of a pickle, for children to find. The child who finds the pickle gets an extra present.

What are some good games to play for a Christmas office party?

White elephant is a fun game to play. However check with human resources as it may not be ideal depending upon management. You can do Christmas movie trivia, and of course who can forget secret Santa.

What are some fun games to play in forums on howrse?

One that is fun is slap the keyboard

Where can some fun games be found online?

There are many websites which have fun games to pay for free. For instance, Facebook members may play games on Facebook. Other websites which have fun games to play are Pop Cap and Addicting Games.

What are fun games for teens?

heres some games i play or some that r fun

Why do we play games?

we play games just to have fun

What Are Some Fun Games To Play While Golfing?

How about Golf.

What are some good fun party games to play?