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You actually can't plant the seeds yourself, you have to make your Chao do it for you. If one of your Chao wins the Crab Pool race, they get a small shovel as a reward; likewise, the reward for the Stump Valley race is a little watering can. Make sure you have a Chao that has won both of these items. Then hand the seed you want to plant to that Chao, and the Chao will plant the seed for you.

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Q: In Sonic Adventure 2 Battle how can you plant a seed?
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How do you use the watering can in sonic adventure 2 battle in choa world?

You need a shovel and a seed and give the chao the seed and eventually the chao will find a spot to plant the seed

How do you grow a tree in sonic adventure 2 battle?

you have to give the seed to a chao that likes the fruit it likes then it will pick a spot where you can use a seed waterer toplant it

How do you grow a seed on sonic adventure 2?

To plant a seed in a Chao Garden, you need to get a Chao and win all 3 "Stump Valley" races which will award that Chao with the "Shovel". Afterwards, with the same Chao, win the 3 "Crab Pool" races, which awards the Chao with a "Watering Can". Give the Chao with the items a seed, and an exclamation mark should appear above its head, they will then search for a place to plant the seed. The seed grows as you play the levels in the game.

How do you plant a seed in Sonic Adventure Battle 2 if the watering can and shovel were won by 2 different chao?

Shovels and watering cans can be won more than once so don't worry. Also you only need a shovel because the watering can only speeds up the growing speed. It also makes the tree live longer.

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